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Maurits van Riezen

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Work Experience

Language Proficiency

Technologies and languages I have experience with

python Python
django Django
pygame Pygame
html HTML
css CSS
javascript Javascript
react.js React.js
vue.js Vue.js
jQuery jQuery
java Java
C# C#
Monogame Monogame
git Git

Personal Projects


elfsh ELFSH is a system to keep track of who is at home for dinner and automatically distributes the costs, all wrapped in a nice progressive web app.

Tech: Python, Django, React, Linux, PostgreSQL


Dictinaryga.me is a game about cool and unusual english words.

Tech: Python, Django, React, Linux

Lazer of Death

lazer of death The name is purposefully spelled wrong. Lazer of death is a game about shooting down brightly colored triangles.

Tech: Python, Pygame

Catan Community Bot

This bot keeps track of games played and awards LP to winners in the catan community. It also keeps track of ranking players and offers a wide range of admin tools. Hunderds of users each month, and over 1,200 players ranked.

Tech: Python, Discord.py, MongoDB